Our History

In 2010, Mr. Musaab Abdan was working in a small contracting company when he decided to establish Bawabt Al Sham. The first step was not Easy. No capital, labors, office. He worked hard. As they said “He start from zero”Now, Bwabt al sham working with 1.23 million AED than 35 skilled labors, 65 labors and a good number of machines and equipment. Bwabt al sham working with 1.23 million AED than 35 skilled labors, 65 labors and A good number of machines and equipment.

We aim not only to obtain your current biusness, but to make you a lifetime partners of ours. for each project of ours, we intoduce high levels of general and projects management Hight quality of finishing, rapid delivery and value engineering. We believe in modern methods of construction and design, and that’s what make us different.

We manufacture high quality engineered solutions to our client’s needs and we depends on mutual trust between our team and the client, smooth communication between the site and the management. Bawabt al sham group is now more than halfway through its five-year strategy. Initiated in 2010. The strategy is known as shared Vision and Aims to rebuild the company.

Bawabt Al-sham group’s main objectives are:

  • To lead the contracting in creating value for our customers and sales channels.
  • To refocus on the value we offer our dealers.
  • To increase our rate of delivery.

The situation facing all contractors is that they are pressured from many quarters by customers and competitors. Bawabt Al-Sham group meets that challenge with a determination to bind consumers. It continues to be Bawabt al sham group’s primary purpose to supply best materials with less costs. At the same time the group will continue to improve its growth to face the competition.

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